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Palmetto Architecture

Palmetto Architecture Residential Project Plantation Lakes
Palmetto Architecture Residential Project Plantation Lakes

Plantation Lakes residential design project.

Palmetto Architecture

807 Main Street, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577




Palmetto Architecture is a premier design/build company that takes pride in offering clients everything from conception to completion. They are very open book about the entire process with their clients, who enjoy getting an intimate inside look at the construction business. Every detail is designed to meet the clients’ needs.

They are involved in many different kind of designing and building that range from small projects to high rises, movie sets and urban development. Palmetto Architecture offers flexible services from complete design/build to pure design or construction of the designs of other architects.

Palmetto Architecture Residential Project Lackey Home

Living room in the Lackey residence.

“You know it’s going to be structurally sound. You know that you’re going to understand any problems or issues and that they’ll be resolved correctly…Brantly Green was always on top of stuff. He let us call him and bug him all the time, and we did.”

–Elizabeth Lackey, whose home was built by Palmetto Architecture, in an article by Builder/Architect.





Top Pick BadgeFounded in 1999 by Robin Roberts, a licensed architect, general contractor and construction manager.  He has a Masters Degree in Architecture from Clemson University and a Certificate of Golf course design from Harvard University. The company’s young, bright minds are committed to giving every client their best.




  • Innovative approach to designing and building
  • Can make changes very quickly
  • Very intimate with every detail
  • Can handle any facets or all the facets of a job

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Located in downtown Myrtle Beach!

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